Paper Art & Crafts: Day 5

I wanted to learn a way to fold paper money for gifts, so I tried a few of the examples I found online. First of all, I learned that copiers can sense currency, and won’t make photocopies of it (!) I had hoped to practice on something that wasn’t actual money. Anyway, after 15 or more folds, the elephant I was attempting looked like a confused sloth, and since I wasn’t even halfway done, I moved on. What I finally found, and fell in love with, was stars.


They are straightforward to fold, and they work well with any long, narrow paper. So I tried folding a few comic strip pages, as you can see. The center star shows how the back looks, which is attractive as well.

There are clear, step by step instructions at this website (homemade-gifts-made-easy), so I won’t detail them here. If you want to fold another form that is accessible and looks good, try the ring.

Oh, you also have to check out Mark Sky, an artist who folds dollars so the markings on them form eyes, ears, etc.

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